ESCAR Project, Information System/Site (University of Athens)

Author: SuperUser Account/Tuesday, May 12, 2015/Categories: Έργα

Purpose of the project is the creation of an Information System which will cover the functions of Employment Structure and Career (E.S.CAR.) of the University of Athens. Through the information system will be achieved all those procedures for recording, management and dissemination of information necessary to standardize, optimize and accelerate the transition of student / graduate from the university community in the workplace environment.
For this purpose in the information system will be registered a set of information related to the scientific training of the students, their preferences regarding professional and scientific future, the potential for integration into the production process as well as profiles of companies in cooperation with the University. These data will be combined automatically by the system and routed in such a way that each student or graduate who is conscious of his professional inclination and conditions in the labor market, to get the appropriate support efficiently and effectively in an effort to ensure a successful career.

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