Project "Development of interactive digital services platform for the promotion of cultural content libraries and museums of Corgialenio Foundation and their integration into educational digital applications"

Author: SuperUser Account/Tuesday, May 12, 2015/Categories: Έργα

The project consists of the development of specialized digital services / IT applications that support information and education of Greeks and foreigners handling the Greek language in terms of Ionian culture and cultural life of the Ionian Islands, as well as the utilization of this knowledge in all levels of education. Specifically, specialized digital services and applications are developed with broadly cultural character, aiming at:
•    Promotion of Corgialenio Foundation at Cephalonia as a central pillar of cultural life of the Ionian Islands.
•    Strengthening and externalization of Greek and especially the Ionian culture through new technologies.
Under the framework of the project a specialized web software platform will be created, providing a range of modern digital services in a wide range of target groups. It is expected to become a key implementing tool of educational activities and wider cultural nature at national level, based on the Ionian culture. In parallel, it will be developed online content on the subject area of the national cultural reserve and in particular that of the Ionian Islands, which will be integrated into the implemented platform.

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