In the modern working environment characterized by high uncertainty and staff mobility, it has become particularly important to provide Integrated Services of Vocational Counseling and Mentoring. By this term, we refer to services that are dynamic interventions to mobilize the unemployed, to facilitate their integration into the labor market as well as consulting services for vocational guidance of workers.

APOPSI S.A. with the use of a coherent system of digitized tools and personalized services (ASPYS) aims to effectively support both unemployed and employees to::

  • acquire better knowledge of the characteristics of their personality, interests, skills and values.
  • learn to search, process and evaluate information in proper way and explore alternative career pathways, with the aim of their professional development.
  • establish a personal action plan to (re)enter the labor market or redefine their professional career path according to their personal needs and the current circumstances of the labor market.

The Integrated Professional Advisory Service System includes:

1. Digitized assessment and understanding tools of personality factors, emotional intelligence, numerical, language, abstract and creation reflection skills and professional values

2. Personalized services of professional and business consulting by experienced and highly qualified consultants

3. Networking Services with other information training and social services structures, according to individual needs of beneficiaries

These counseling tools after having been completed by the provided instructions (personalized username & password), automatically record the results, which are the subject of discussion and analysis between the consultant and the beneficiary, in order to highlight obvious and / or "hidden" capabilities, needs, values and orientations, which are critical for the creation of a coherent and realistic individual career plan.