An IT infrastructure serves the operational needs of a company, without exposing the company to risks. Factors such as stability, reliability, security, functionality, scalability, require an analysis of the requirements of a business, proper composition and selection of equipment, and proper site survey and installation planning of IT equipment.

APOPSI designs, installs, maintains and manages a range of IT infrastructure, based on innovation and cutting-edge technologies;:

• Perimeter & end-point security.
• Cloud Security.
• Secure Remote access.
• Secure Wireless Infrastructures.
• Enterprise Single Sign-On.
• Intranet & Data Center Security.
• Data Leakage prevention.
• Mid to high end Storage architectures (NAS, SAN, DAS).
• Storage tiering or Hierarchy.
• Backup & Recovery.
• Storage replication and deduplication.
• Records management & Archiving.
• Data & Information protection.
• Building infrastructures Data Center, Disaster Sites, Computer Rooms.
• Infrastructures Server, Storage, Switching Fiber, Networking, Cabling.
• Unified computer stacks (Blades, access/concentration/core switches, Storage).
• Server, Storage, Network Virtualization, Application & Desktop delivery architectures.
• Disaster recovery planning, energy & space efficiency assessment.
• Colocation Services.